Our department teaches students the knowledge and practical skills to diagnose and treat social and psychological phenomenon in our society today.  Due to the particular conditions we face in Palestine, trauma and stress affect most people, and for this reason, it is essential for students to develop comprehensive knowledge and practical training to effectively address our societal problems. Through the study of psychology and counseling, we want students to also develop the important life skills of self-awareness and self-esteem. We educate our students in all four fields of political psychology, experimental psychology, social psychology, and clinical psychology.  We offer practical courses that allow students to train at schools as counsellors and in mental health centers. We also train students on scientific and research skills, including quantitative and statistical analysis.

Our program is dynamic. We recently established a new Master’s Program, and we are hoping to build programs in marital and family counseling, vocational counseling, school counseling, and special education.