The Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences has a long and proud tradition of research. One of the Faculty's primary goals is to continuously develop its research areas that include economics, finance and banking, accounting, marketing, business administration, political science, sociology, psychology, geography and public relations.

The vitality and the excellence of the various research topics are recognized internationally as most of the faculty research papers which are carried out recently have been published in international and local scholarly journals and magazines.

The Faculty is proud to recognize the achievements of its professors, researchers and academic staff who have received research support from the Union of Arab Universities for their distinguished research such as Prof. Tareq El-Hajj, Dr. Saeb Erekat, Dr. Hussein Al-A'raj, Dr. Atef Alawneh, Dr. Ameen Haddad, Dr. Saied Al-Koni, Dr. Nayef Abu Khalaf and Aziz Dweik, Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council and Dr. Tariq Al-Haj, Board member of the Palestinian Banking Institute.

Its worth mentioning that a number of prominent community figures who are members of the advisory board and a group of the faculty staff members always make field visits to the local community institutions.