Our philosophy is to educate students to serve the community and to possess the qualifications and knowledge to successfully compete in the local and international workforce.  We aim to help students develop the theoretical and practical skills to meet these objectives.  Our program in Economics is unique due to the diversity of our teaching faculty and the emphasis we place on practical and applied training. In our department, we have three areas of focus: 1) Theory, which focuses on rigorous training in microeconomic and macroeconomic theories and statistics; ‎‎2) Empirical and applied analysis in microeconomics and macroeconomics, use of computer programs, and research; 3) Inter-personal skills development through practical training and student internships in the labor market.

We encourage students to develop independent skills through internships and training with private and public institutions, and NGOs.  At the end of their second year, students have to establish relationships with institutions of their interest, and complete 180 hours of training with them in the fourth year.   Students will benefit from the vibrant academic environment we offer that include workshops, international conferences, and seminars from governmental, private, and research sectors.  We offer opportunities for international study through participation in the European Region Access Scheme for Mobility of University Students (ERASMUS) program.