Our department aims to comprehensively train students in all aspects of radio and television production, which are crucial tools of social communication in our world today.  With the decline in print media, radio and television are one of the main sources of information for people in Palestine and globally.  We aim to build a new generation of journalists who are able to effectively and objectively communicate the conditions of our life to the world and influence public opinion for the Palestinian struggle.  Students in our program learn about theories and history of mass media, film, ethics of journalism, the history of Palestinian and Israeli press, and other courses. We offer students theory and practical training in television production, direction, writing script and editing for TV and radio news, video photography, and the skills of reporting.  We encourage inter-disciplinary work and offer students courses from other departments.

Our department has access to up-to-date technologies and infrastructure to provide students the best possible training for future careers in radio and television.