Our department aims to equip students with all the required skills and knowledge ‎necessary to succeed in the job market.  Start-up enterprises and new business ‎ventures are key to creating a job-rich market in Palestine.  Our market has mainly ‎small and medium enterprises.  Accordingly, our department emphasizes the ‎entrepreneurial and innovation skills among our students to enhance their chances ‎of success in new business ventures once they finish their studies.  We emphasize ‎an inter-disciplinary approach and applied training so that students have multiple ‎skills to benefit local enterprises and compete regionally.  In order to ensure that we ‎match our training to the real job market, we always strive to study the local market ‎and educational requirements and redesign the academic curricula accordingly.   ‎Our department emphasizes the use of multiple educational approaches and new ‎technology such as e-learning, case studies, presentations, and power point tools to ‎maximize the learning outcomes for our students. ‎

We provide employment opportunities for distinguished students.  In cooperation ‎with other departments in the University (e.g. Practical Training Center), we link ‎students with the private sector. Students are also eligible for scholarships to study ‎abroad through our cooperation with the Scholarship Office.