Cooperation Agreement between An-Najah National University and Nablus ‎Business Forum

An-Najah National University, represented by Prof. Maher Natsheh, Vice President ‎for Academic Affairs
Nablus Business Forum, represented by Mr. Nidal Al-Bizra, Chairman of the ‎Forum

An-Najah National University and Nablus Businessmen Forum‏ ‏cooperate to ‎develop projects, programmes and activities in order to provide adequate ‎conditions for Palestinians. They offer Palestinians‏ ‏education and training ‎programmes to prepare them for the labour market. They also aim to achieve ‎sustainable economic development in the national institutions for the benefit of ‎individuals‏.‏

Memorandum of Understanding with Palestine Industrial Investment ‎Company

Dr. Tarek Al-Haj, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, signed a ‎memorandum of understanding with Mr. Abdel Hakim Fuqaha, General Manager ‎of Palestine Industrial Investment Company. The MoU‏  ‏‎ was attended by Dr. ‎Abdullah Hassouna, Head of Business Administration at An-Najah National ‎University and Eng. Ayman Al Qudah, Deputy Director General for ‎Administrative Affairs at Palestine Poultry Company. The MoU included offering ‎students training programmes and adopting their graduation projects by Palestine ‎Industrial Investment Company. It also included offering academic expertise and ‎administrative, financial and economic consulting services for the company by the ‎Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences.‎