Under the patronage of Deanship of College of Social Sciences and Economics,  and  within its extracurricular activities, the Department of Accounting has hosted Mr. Mu’amar Shabeeb, a job market expert and trainer, and manager of Arab Path Center  for Consulting and Training. This activity comes within “Start Your Way” initiative which includes a series of  academic events planned for in the Research Seminar course  taught by Professor Sa’ed Al-Koni.

 Professor Al-Koni invited  Mr. Shabeeb to lecture to his students in the course, counsel. guide and inspire them on choosing topics for their  research projects relevant to the Palestinian job market needs and write on them, thus possibly creating training opportunities  for themselves as well as future job opportunities after completion of their undergraduate degrees by the end of the second semester 2020.

 During the two-hour long training class, the students were trained on a number of communication skills to help them win confidence and cooperation of employers and managers of  the research targeted institutions/businesses. 

 The  initiative embraced the idea of job search while the student is still studying and not after graduation.  There are several  research opportunities  of practical nature  which every student can grab while he/she  is still  taking classes. Through these opportunities, the student can start building a network of relationship with employees in the Palestinian job market which would possibly open horizons for work during and after completion of university studies. There are  also many student success stories which can inspire and motivate populace of students.

 This initiative has received the students’ appreciation,   interaction and interest.  They  expressed their  gratitude to the  guest  for his efforts and time. The experience has allowed the students to reach out to him to get more professional advice and  counseling.

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