Palestinian director and documentary  expert  Mr. Ra’ed Dazdar was the guest speaker of the   Department of Radio and Television. He  was hosted  to  talk about documentaries on Palestine  and   Yaffa Umm Al-Ghareeb  documentary in particular.

  This documentary tells the   story of life in Jaffa  before and  after the 1948 catastrophe. The documentary  depends  on firsthand information  and testimonies of  Jaffa  citizens, in their 80s,  who had witnessed  and  lived the difficult period  in the  history  of Jaffa and the Arab nation. Mr. Dazdar addressed the details of Israeli violence  which   Jaffa experienced in 1948 and resulted in the deportation of  its citizens  as part of the policy  to depopulate  and occupy the land. 

This extracurricular activity  is one in a series which the College of Social Sciences and Economics has started to provide opportunities  for its students to interact with specialists in different fields to enrich their experiences and prepare them for the job market.  



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