The Accounting Department is committed to providing high-quality theoretical and practical accounting education, enabling students to excel in the job market and equipping them with advanced accounting skills that align with the latest international standards. Our department offers specialized training courses on international financial reporting standards, which are overseen by experienced and highly competent lecturers. These courses greatly benefit our students by enhancing their understanding and proficiency in accounting.

Additionally, we prioritize assisting our students in acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in professional certifications such as CPA, ACCA, CMA, and CIMA. We recognize the importance of these certifications in enhancing career prospects and strive to support our students in achieving their professional goals.

The Accounting Department employs diverse and contemporary educational methods to ensure optimal learning outcomes. We incorporate practical case studies that mirror real-world scenarios, foster effective communication skills, encourage self-education, and utilize the latest technological tools. Furthermore, we encourage research activities among our students, fostering their analytical abilities and expanding their knowledge in the field.

Moreover, our department provides various opportunities for students, including training programs, job placements, scholarships, and international exchange programs. We take pride in being the only Palestinian university, An-Najah National University, that consistently offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs in accounting, providing comprehensive educational opportunities for students at all levels.


  • Collaborating with the Continuing Education Center to offer courses on scientific research and statistical analysis
  • Offering comprehensive financial and accounting advisory services
  • Providing annual grants for CMA professional certification to eligible individuals