Under  the patronage of Social Sciences  and Economics College, the Social Works Department  started,  on Feb.1, 2020,  an advanced   quality training course  entitled “ Crisis  Intervention and  Psychological First Aid.” In attendance,  on the first  day of training, were Dr. Maher Abu-Zant, Vice-President for Community Affairs, Dr. Iyad Othman, head of  the Palestinian Psychosocial Association and Dr. As’ad Taffal, chair of Social Work Department. This was in addition to Dr. Shadi  Abu-Al-Kabash and Mr. Mohammed Al-Mobaslat.

  The  course  has had  20 students only in order  to ensure quality learning and outcomes and allow students to be ready for the job market. As we all know social work, in the first place,  is a social  and humanitarian profession that largely depends on training and practical experience.

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