The Electronic and Written Journalism program seeks to be a distinguished and de- veloped academic pioneer. It works on qualifying specialist cadre in both digital and written journalism, a cadre which is able to quickly adapt and respond to new media developments, and which is also able to serve the Palestinian, Arab and international au- dience. It thus aims at graduating journalists who meet international journalism criteria.


The Electronic and Written Journalism program aims at producing Palestinian, Arab, and foreign graduates in electronic and written journalism who are capable of dealing with information technology, media, communication and institutional work. Such gradu- ates should be able to adhere to the ethics of journalism, be able to compete with their counterparts in the region, and be able to conduct scientific research serving the priori- ties of Palestinian society. The graduates of the program should be able to participate in the various institutes’ development through providing consultation and training pro- grams in both digital and written journalism. In addition, the program seeks to possess developed and substantial human abilities meeting international criteria.