Program Reference

We have adopted the academic criteria of the AEJMC (2006) as a reference for our electronic and written journalism program. This adoption came after a verification that makes the program suitable for the Palestinian and Arab reality.

Program Objectives:

  • Offering Palestinian society a competent and distinguished cadre in media and jour- nalism, capable of confronting challenges and aware of the principles required by journalists to convey their messages to their audience.
  • Building an ethical, professional, and scientific foundation for Electronic and Writ- ing Journalism students.
  • Developing appropriate specialties in the field of Electronic and Writing Journalism to meet rapidly new media developments, such as internet, radio, and TV.
  • Focusing on an electronic media that is compatible with societal needs.
  • Creating Palestinian self-sufficiency in the field of media.
  • Enriching journalism and media students with experience through training courses prior to their engagement in the journalistic field.

Program Outputs

Knowledge and Understanding:

  • Obtaining news and information from reliable sources.
  • A variety of writing by training students on how to use several journalistic writ- ing models.
  • Employing photojournalism in sustaining and interpreting a text.
  • Dealing with digital events and problems in all circumstances.
  • Building and maintaining a continuous relationship with news sources.
  • Mastering the arts of dialogue and persuasion to deal with a variety of audiences.

Mental Skills:

  • The ability to conceive the nature of media profession, as well as suaveness.
  • The ability of analyzing events and linking them with the relevant developments.
  • The art of time management.
  • The ability of innovation and generating creative thought at work.

Professional and Practical Skills:

  • Proficiency in electronic journalism programs.
  • Mastering digital photojournalism.
  • Ability to document and record events.

General and Transferable Skills:

  • The ability to attract the audience to the medium.
  • Dynamic at work and the ability to manage the media institute.
  • Confronting expected problems and setting emergency plans.
  • Planning and generating tasks at work.
  • Awareness of laws which contribute in creating successful journalism.