The Goals:‎

  • The development of a long term strategic plan to provide the professional and trained work force for the local market.
  • The development of a highly effective and professional academic staff.
  • The improvement of the level of scientific and intellectual educational capabilities that will match the local, regional and international standards.
  • The improvement of the educational and research qualities of the students in the Department.
  • The activation of the Department’s role in serving the entire society and solving its problems.

Department’s Educational Outcomes:

  • Perfecting theoretical and practical knowledge of the research methods, practices and analysis of the social cases and forms of interaction that we live through and the complex social structure.
  • Applying the scientific methods of research and analysis on use of social work prac- tices objectively, professionally and following the ethical rules and provisions of service.
  • Enhancing the graduates’ professional character and providing a sense of profes- sionalism, strong commitment to service and self discipline.
  • Entering the job market with a high and genuine degree of preparation, commit- ment, participation and will to serve the Palestinian Society.