The TV and Radio Department in the Media College at An-Najah National University seeks to prepare and qualify  graduates who are academically and  professionally distinguished. It also strives to prepare them to compete in today's job market by providing them with the most important, updated knowledge and training them  how to deal with modern techniques in TV and radio production and its tools.   


TV and radio department has a mission based on four main domains:

  • Prepare graduate students who have a specialized, scientific knowledge of skills of TV and radio production. Moreover, instill them with career ethics.
  • Prepare graduate students who have a specialized scientific and professional base through knowing the professional ethics, practical values and their standards and implementations in the field to ensure the quality of the graduates.
  • Introduce scientific research skills and fundamentals to the students to prepare them to conduct scientific research procedures.
  • Encourage and motivate the students by producing practical and applied programs and conducting scientific research to enrich the practical domain that qualifies them to enter the job market.