Our department’s priority is to build good journalists for the future.  We want students to be well-equipped with the knowledge and tools to reach media all over the world and effectively communicate the Palestinian situation, as well as, to serve the vision of any organization in which they work.   We are unique as the only department in Public Relations in the West Bank. Our department focuses on theoretical training in field of media studies, principles of public relations, research, law, negotiations, and public relations in English and Arabic.  At the practical level, our students are trained in writing for the media; organizing and planning conferences; producing magazines and newspapers; using video cameras and still cameras; using social media; advertising; public relations in English; and training for journalism. We emphasize inter-disciplinary work and offer cross courses in the Print and Electronic Media department and Television department.

We offer students a dynamic learning environment by organizing workshops and training in journalism, public relations, and photography with guest lecturers from the community.  Students also benefit from the international study exchange programs and scholarships we offer in the field of public relations.