The vision that the Marketing Department holds is that it will be a real contributor in providing the Palestinian and Regional Economy with academically qualified graduates and will be able to shoulder the responsibilities of decision-making and formulating a Marketing Strategy. This vision requires the Department to continue developing its teaching and attracting the best academic qualifications, updating teaching methods and making full use of information technology resources.


  • In consistent with the mission of An-Najah National University, the Marketing Department focuses on three key areas: education, research and community service. The mission of the Marketing Department reveals these areas:
  • To provide students with an outstanding education at the undergraduate level and to assist students in acquiring the skills and experience that qualifies them for practical life and for successfully completing their higher studies.
  • To provide graduate students with an opportunity to excel in research which is related to problems found in the Palestinian reality.
  • To encourage students and Faculty Members in the Marketing Department to contribute to the activities and to the service of the Palestinian society.